SmartStart College Success Coaching

Research Based Coaching Program That Gets Results!

Research Based Coaching Program That Gets Results!

SmartStart® is a research-based coaching program which motivates college students to succeed through a hands-on approach to college readiness, persistence, and graduation. Students who participate in SmartStart® overwhelmingly tested college-ready with more confidence and felt more prepared for college.

Our goal is to transform the first-year experience and outperform the national data, while boosting overall retention and graduation for these students.  We propel students to new heights of college success!

What Does SmartStart® Include?

SmartStart® utilizes a hybrid or “blended” model, which includes both face-to-face personalized college success coaching and technology driven online instruction, designed to prepare students for college placement tests and propel students to confidently enroll in college!



Placement Test Preparation

Our unique  program uses online prep modules to build the skills and strategies for placement testing. Students have access to the prep modules 24 hours a day from any computer or through the mobile App.


college Success Coaching

Our individual success coaching equips students with the skills necessary to begin college successfully. Our personalized hands-on coaching boosts overall student retention rates and increases your return on investment.

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Personal Inventory and Assessment

We begin with a personal inventory and skills assessment to ensure students' intended majors match their skills and passions, increasing their self-confidence and making sure they have a SmartStart® to their college experience!